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What Is Skiplagging?

You may have recently seen in the press about a major airline trying to sue a passenger who booked a flight from A to B to C, and got off at B, as it was cheaper for him to do this. This is a technique known as skiplagging. You are basically booking an airfare to the place you are flying through, than the final destination of your ticket. In some instances this can make business class cheaper than economy travel.

Skiplagging is a bit like Fight Club…certain rules apply. Most importantly you do not talk about skiplagging. You can only do this on a one-way flight as once you miss a flight the rest of your reservation is cancelled. There are no exceptions to this. You can only travel with hand luggage as checked in luggage will carry on to the final destination. And finally,  you must be careful not to become a frequent “skiplagger” as the airline can blacklist you. So telling the flight attendant to impress her would not be wise, as she will more than certainly let her superior know, and your name will be blacklisted for future bookings.

Airlines do state in their T & C’s they have the right to close down your frequent flyer/loyalty account if you are found to be skiplagging. So if you are part of any such scheme, make sure you have redeemed the lot before skiplagging or better still, don’t use the airline you travel with frequently. Some airlines will threaten to go after you personally, but as seen in a recent case by a European airline, this has not been successful. One U.S. carrier tried to sue an individual who had skiplagged on their flights a whopping 38 times, and were not successful in their lawsuit.

As with all loopholes, it will eventually close down but until then it really is a great way to find cheaper flights as long as you keep “schtum”.

There are sites like skiplagged.com  that help you to find the flights the airlines don’t want you to see. Their website openly shows you ways to expose the loopholes in airfare pricing to save you money.




If you have ever used this site or booked a flight to a stopover destination intentionally, we would love to hear your story. You never know we may gift you a bag for your story.